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22 years of experience as a premium digital agency in Toronto, Canada – Growing sales for our client base both online and in-store.
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CPA Driven – Innovative Programs

Enforcing a full suite of data driven digital capabilities we design and build programs that are completely cost-per-acquisition focused. Native advertising, Video Marketing, Dynamic re-marketing and other technologies are all tapped into to create real Return-On-Advertising-Spend.


CPA Driven – One-to-One Engagement

Bridging the gap between online and in-store. We are now able to measure store traffic/dwell time and optimize attribution models to better represent and understand what is driving traffic and where improvements to improve conversions in-store need to take place. 

Brand Recognition & Sales Growth

Everything we do is driven by cost-per-acquisition. Growing your brand should also fill your online funnel and any advertising driving traffic online or in-store should be assured to grow your sales and empty your funnel with a target CPA metric leading the charge.

Video Advertising

Video has emerged as one of the most engaging and effective advertising channels for younger demographics. Robust Targeting Capabilities make Video a favourite in our arsenal.

In-Store Insights (ISI)

We knew the importance of understanding store traffic and patterns in addition to online insights. Our In-Store Insights provide a full view of your physical store performance.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is where we started out as a company 22 years ago. Its importance is as big as ever and we are leading experts with ensuring our clients get top of page organic traffic.

Search & Display Advertising

it is with complete assurance we can provide ROI for your company through intelligent use of these advertising channels. We are experts in SEM and Display.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is now a leader with inbound campaigns that focus on content distribution. This channel bypasses ad blockers and is less intrusive to the UX of the end user.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Focusing on Customer Lifetime Value is how we develop retention and loyalty methods to keep your customers coming back. We have deep experience in customer loyalty & shopper marketing.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a treasure trove of opportunity in leveraging deep data sets for extremely effective customer targeting leading to more engagement and higher sales.

Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing

We introduced and integrated Proximity marketing into our advertising mix to bridge the online to offline gap and offer one-to-one engagement that creates new opportunities when mixed with digital.

Porter Airlines
“ Website Promotion Canada are experts in SEM and digital display marketing and were key consultants on Porter’s digital advertising for four years. I would strongly recommend Mark Risdon and the WSPC team to anyone looking for innovative programs that leverage the newest digital data sets and technology advancements. Their passion and keen interest in finding the right solution for our needs helped us significantly increase the performance of our campaigns – increased booked volume while driving down costs. They are a strong, action-oriented digital partner who was a very effective extension of our in-house digital team. - KEVIN JACKSON, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER – PORTER AIRLINES
“Website Promotion Canada began working with us in May 2015 a very difficult year for the travel industry. We had a weak Canadian dollar, the Zika virus had heavy media attention and a very mild Canadian winter was mixing with bad press. In addition to this, our digital efforts had not been producing the sort after ROI our company expected. The Website Promotion Canada team listened very carefully to our situation, provided knowledgeable insight and consultation. Ultimately an entirely new digital strategy was designed and executed for us with our core metrics in mind. Website Promotion Canada leveraged their relationship with Google to ensure unprecedented access and support including inclusion in beta programs, introduced us to new initiatives using Facebook and YouTube constantly monitored our account’s and never failed to deliver on their commitments. Website Promotion Canada’s new initiatives achieved a 338% YoY increase in online conversions, resulting in a 47% increase in revenue and a 44% drop in cost per acquisition. I have no reservations in recommending Website Promotion Canada in the areas of online digital marketing and search engine optimization.” - DEAN MOORE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
"Mark and his team have been great partners for us over the past 16 years. Our website ranks first page and ahead of our competition. Our online presence is very important to us and through Website Promotion Canada’s efforts we are able to ensure we are in front of our most valuable demographics. Their level of service is also highly appreciated amongst our team. I would recommend Website Promotion Canada to any company that requires expert services with Search Engine Optimization." - OWNER